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You're a book nerd, sure, but a tasteful, understated book nerd. You don't require a lot of ostentatious colors or patterns to proclaim your love of books -- some smartly polka-dotted tomes in black and light blue are quite enough to get the message across, thank you. Granted, contrasting toes, heels, and cuffs in blue add a certain refinement to this cream-colored sock, but more than that would just be too much€¦. Right?

Besides, the truth is written plainly on your book-loving soles, for anybody who knows where to look€¦

Sizing Info

Two sizes!
Small: Label says sock size 9-11. We found they fit a US women's shoe size 7-10 (men's 5.5-9), they'll be loose on feet smaller than a US women's 7.
Large: Label says sock size 10-13. We found they fit a US men's shoe size 8.5-12 (women's 10+).
Cuff stretches to about 16 inches.

Need help? Check out our Sizing Info page.

Fiber Content & Care Instructions

75% cotton, 20% polyester, 5% spandex 

Machine wash warm. Tumble dry low.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture - China