Oops! Americana Thigh High Long Socks

Color: Cherry Blossom with White
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Tall and stretchy thigh high socks with top stripes, now available in multiple color varieties! Their retro sports socks looks aren't just for show; these beauties are great for any weather, thanks to their moisture wicking properties and fine knit. Made in the USA for Sock Dreams.

**We discovered a defect in this product; some pairs have laddering in the top band when stretched. We are offering this stock at a discount while we investigate the issue. Thank you for your patience.

Sizing Info

US Shoe Size: 7-14 women's, 5-12 men's
Stretch, around leg: 26 inches at cuff, 24 inches mid-sock
Length, heel to top: 27-29 inches

Need help? Check out our Sizing Info page.

Fiber Content & Care Instructions

75% polypropylene, 25% spandex*
*The Cherry Blossom variety is 75% nylon, 25% spandex

Machine wash cool, tumble dry low or hang dry.

Additional Information

All measurements are approximate and updated as often as possible, as new batches arrive. Length is measured upon receiving, before the sock is worn or stretched on a leg. Please contact us before placing an order if you have questions or would like help with sizing.

Country of Manufacture - United States

Customer Reviews

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Yes I bought all the colors

Polypropylene is soft and light and breathable. These socks are wonderfully long.

Polypropylene does not believe in being wet. Whenever water gets onto it, it immediately determinedly dries itself. I’ve bought all the other wicking socks, but nothing compares to polypropylene’s enthusiasm.

Polypropylene’s thermal conductivity is lower than that of most fibers, so it keeps me warm in the winter without making me hot in the summer; I wear these socks year round.