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Color: Asexual
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All the same great pride flag colorways as our Original Pride Thigh High Socks, only in a longer, tube footed version! What better way to celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community than with a sock that can fit a wider range of people? Tube style feet mean that these will comfortably fit most sizes of foot, while the extra-long length means they can still be over the knee or thigh high on folks with longer inseams or curvier legs! Unlike traditional tube socks, we designed these to have a low-profile toe seam on the top of the foot, instead of at the end of the toe, for improved comfort.

Proudly made in the USA.
Sizing Info

Tube style foot will fit most shoe sizes.
Length: about 32 inches from toes to tops
Stretch: 25 inches at cuff, 21 inches mid-sock

Need help? Check out our Sizing Info page.

Fiber Content & Care Instructions

85% acrylic, 10% nylon, 5% spandex

Machine wash in cool to cold water, tumble dry low or hang to dry.

Additional Information

All measurements are approximate and updated as often as possible, as new batches arrive. Length is measured upon receiving, before the sock is worn or stretched on a leg. Please contact us before placing an order if you have questions or would like help with sizing.


We're donating $1 to OutRight Action International for every pair of Long Pride Stripes Tube Socks sold.
If you would like to opt-out of donating, please make a purchase and contact us at orders@sock-dreams.com with your order number and let us know you would like to refrain from participating in the donation, no questions asked.

There're a lot of colors and lot of stripes! So here's a guide to which Pride flag is represented by each colorway:

Asexual Pride - Black/Grey/White/Purple, from the design by Asexual Visibility and Education Network user standup in August 2010
Bisexual Pride - Neon Pink/Purple/Royal, from the design by Michael Page in 1998
Gilbert Baker Rainbow - Neon Pink/Red/Orange/Neon Yellow/Kelly/Turquoise/Royal/Purple, from the original eight-stripe rainbow flag design by Gilbert Baker in 1978
Nonbinary Pride - Neon Yellow/White/Purple/Black, from the design by Kye Rowan in 2014
Pansexual Pride - Neon Pink/Neon Yellow/Turquoise, from the design by Jasper V. in 2010
Trans Pride - Columbia/Rose/White, from the design by Monica Helms in 1999

We know not all the colors are spot-on to the official standard hues, but we're working with a limited yarn color selection and we've got as close as we can be!

Country of Manufacture - United States

Customer Reviews

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Amazing for the first few weeks

Firstly, this is a completely honest review of mine as this is my fav store period. Really like these and also the rugby/programming socks, they are a bit different fabric I feel like, bit thinner and sturdier also stretch more, even tho the product description says it's the same blend (percentage).

These socks are amazing, thick, grip your legs well and get especially comfy after a day or two of wear. (get softer). They are really nice for couple of weeks but then they will stretch out and that is probably the main issue what makes them less comfy overtime. Obviously they pile since it's acrylic you have to be gentle with them but it's inevitable either way. That is fine because I don't think that's why they get less comfy it's the stretch.

I have wore these easily for 2 years almost multiple pairs and the problem is that they stretch out after a month+ and you simply can't get them back as they used to be, as result they get less snug as they no longer grip your leg I think that is the main problem. Washing shrinks them little back but not as they were before and they stretch out back even quicker. (Tried highter temperatures even to boil water and gently squish them).

The Rugby/Programming socks suffer from this too and as they are slightly thinner you notice this even more than with the Longer Pride ones. That is the sad truth : (

(I am not overstretching them btw, I am somewhat fit so my legs are not chunky)

Amazing socks for first few weeks after that not as much, for their price I just can't recommend them pretty much one use socks. (Don't get me wrong obviously you can still wear them until they tear or smth but they just don't feel premium anymore, not worth 20+ bucks)

I don't know if Sockdreams can figure something out, a way to get them last (as they were the day you bought them) for longer than a mere month... probably making the fabric more rough but they would lose their comfort.

edit: Normally I wash them in a cold water either by hand or using delicate mode on the washing machine. Based on the support's suggestion tried to shrink them once using hot water, didn't work. After a month or two they are simply never as snug as they were, more loose and stretched.

I have some cotton ones too, definitely more durable however less warm, less soft still good tho. Recommend

Hello, thank you for leaving a detailed review of our Long Pride Stripes Tube Socks. We totally understand your concern about the socks stretching out over time! While acrylic, by nature, will not last as long as it's cotton cousin, I do recommend avoiding applying any heat to the sock, which permanently stretches the fibers and warps the weave (similar to how plastic melts when it gets too hot). Make sure to wash in cool water, and air dry your socks by laying them flat to preserve them as long as possible. We also have a cotton version of these socks available, which is more durable. Thank you for supporting our small business! ~ Sock Dreams Customer Service


Very comfortable and warm, perfect for wearing around the house, but wear a smaller and thicker pair of socks over them if you plan on wearing them outside or in any area with sharp things on the ground.


These are awesome! I’m about 6’2” with long legs and these things covered almost my entire leg and feel incredible! Would highly recommend!

Edit: after about a month of wear, the fabric seems to have gotten stretched and they don’t stay up very well any more. They also seem to be really thin, worn out, and losing color in a few places on the feet, notably the heel and ball of foot. I’m disappointed with how these have turned out because they are so vibrant comparatively to the other ones, but they do seem to be made thinner and or of lower quality. I still like them and will wear them till they completely give out, but I wouldn’t get another pair of these :(


Gay/gay, love it

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Redux O.
Great Fit!

This was the first time I'd bought tube socks, and I was pleasantly surprised with how well they fit with my long legs! Though, I feel like they were just a smidge too short for my preference (a mistake on my part). Sock length aside, these are incredibly comfortable as always and have stood as my first piece of bisexual representation in my wardrobe :3