Basic Anatomy of Our Sizing Information

Sizing info is usually comprised of three parts:

  1. US shoe size: What the shoe size is of this product.

Example: US shoe size: 6.5-12 women's, 5-10.5 men's

  1. Stretch, around leg: This means how far the product will stretch in the opening of the product (the cuff), and the body of the sock (mid-sock) which could be either the middle of the product if it’s a thigh high or in the calf if it is a knee high.

Example: Stretch, around leg: 26" at cuff, 22" mid-sock

  1. Unworn length, heel to top: Unworn length is the length of the product if it’s laid out flat, unstretched, on a table and not on a body. We are unable to provide the length of the product on a body because everybody’s leg shape is different, which impacts how far the product can go on one’s legs. Unworn length can be for the heel to the top if the product is footed, or heel to toe if the product is a tube style (no formed heel).

Example: Unworn length, heel to top: about 24"

Shoe Sizing

The following chart contains the most common shoe sizing we carry. Note that shoe sizing can be different from brand to brand. Please read the sizing info for the correct shoe size before purchasing. Shoe sizing chart is approximate as conversions can vary.


Sock Size/Common Size

US Women's Shoe Size

US Men's Shoe Size

UK Shoe Size

EU Shoe Size

AU Shoe Size

 9-11/Small or Medium












14+/Extra Large







Sizing Information for Tights and Leggings

Most packaging for tights and leggings states the size with height and weight. This is largely an inaccurate measurement as everybody’s weight is distributed differently. This means someone with the same weight and height can have different waist and hips measurements. This also makes it difficult for us to provide information on inseams (heel to crotch length).

We do our best to provide as accurate as possible measurements. If you have ANY questions about sizing for tights and leggings, please reach out to us!

Quick Sizing FAQ

What is One Size?

One size means that there is only one size of that product. It does not mean one size fits all. One Size is often the only option available to us from our suppliers. One Size can include items that are plus size.

Why is There a One Size in the Plus Size Category?

We test all our thigh highs/over the knee, knee highs, tights, and leggings to see how well they stretch. Often our supplier provides only one size of a product, but through our testing determine that a product fits into the Plus Size category.

For a product to qualify for listing in our Plus Size section, the following stretch requirements need to be met:

Plus Size Thigh Highs: must stretch to at least 24 inches in the cuff and body of the sock.
Plus Size Over the Knee (OTK socks): must stretch to at least 22 or 23 inches at the cuff.
Plus Size Knee Highs: must stretch to at least 17 inches in the calf.
Plus Size Tights & Leggings: must stretch at least 40 inches in the hip, and 35 inches at the waist.

I’m Looking for Thigh Highs or Tights Because I am [Body Type, Weight, or Pant Size]. What Size Should I Get?

That’s a difficult question for us to answer accurately based on that information. It entirely depends on your body measurements, since everybody’s weight is distributed differently. At best we can make a guess but that means there is a very good chance we are wrong with our recommendations, and we want to recommend products we know will fit you. So, we will always ask you for your body measurements to help you further.

What we need for thigh highs: Thigh circumference of where you want them to sit on your thighs, calf circumference, shoe size, and inseam (heel to crotch length)

What we need for tights/leggings: Waist, hip, and thigh circumference, as well as your inseam.

How Do I Measure Myself?

Please refer to our measuring guide! Contact us with your measurements and we can recommend products to you!

If you have any questions regarding sizing not found in this FAQ please drop us line and we’ll be happy to answer any questions!