It Stays! Sock Glue

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Also known as Sock Glue! Ever wonder how to keep those thigh high socks up? Roll it on, and those babies will defy the laws of gravity! Now with updated packaging, featuring the Sock Dreams logo lady!
Here's what the label says: "It Stays!" is a gentle roll-on body adhesive that washes off with water, leaving no stain. It is pliable and moves with your skin. So comfortable you will never know it is there! Made in the USA.

Sizing Info

Two-ounce bottle. Full instructions for use printed on bottle.

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Fiber Content & Care Instructions

Ingredients: Glycerin USP, Isopropyl Alcohol, Potassium Sorbate, Vinyl Acetate
Before using, it may be best to dab a test spot on the inside of your wrist to make sure that the ingredients agree with your skin.
Due to the glycerin USP content, It Stays! smells slightly sweet once dry, and some people even find it smells a little like maple syrup!
Never tested on animals and is vegan.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture - United States

Customer Reviews

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It's unbelievable. you won't even feel it once it dries.
worked on my thigh high stockings too, i didn't even need a garter

P. M.
It Really Stays all day!

“It Stays” is essential whenever I wear my extra long , thick cuffed, alpine style kneesocks.
Unlike a traditional sock garter , which might affect circulation in the legs, this easy to roll-on adhesive is a superior substitute. Now , my socks are always super comfortable to wear and the turnover cuffs remain firmly in place at the middle of my kneecaps all day long……the perfect “kneesock style” for me!
For active trail walking in the woods or for casual daily wear, my kneesocks always look great thanks to “It Stays”
You can see in the photos how well this adhesive works! No sagging kneesocks here!

It really stays!

I was skeptical, to say the least, but figured I would try it anyway. I'm beyond impressed with this stuff. I work trade shows fairly regularly, which means setting up, being on the show floor for 12+ hours, tearing down - and often in really hot or cold weather. This stuff keeps my socks in place, even when I'm sweating, lifting, walking, and moving all day long. It does not bother my very sensitive skin and washes off easily. I just apply it to my skin, press the sock in place, allow 30 seconds or so to dry and nothing is moving those socks, not even my thick thighs! Perfect for when I don't want to wear a garter belt but do want the security of knowing my socks will stay up.


this stuff works fantastically well.


It works so well! Socks stayed and I love that it washes off easily with soap and water