As of Tuesday 1/23 we are nearly caught up on the backlog of orders! With a few exceptions, most everything from last week has been shipped, and we are now packaging orders from the last few days. We expect a return to our usual quick turnaround time before the end of the week!

USPS has also issued the following alert:

Multiple severe weather events are impacting the processing, transportation, and delivery of mail and packages across the U.S. Due to these weather events, please allow additional time for final delivery of your item.

You can read more about current service disruptions here.

Original post:

A skeleton crew of Dreamers were finally able to make it in for a late open today after Portland was hit by a winter storm over the last week! We've been eager to get in and start working on processing the backlog of orders, and have a system in place for prioritizing them by shipping type and age of order. However, with more freezing rain in the forecast for tonight, we will likely need to open late tomorrow as well, which means it will realistically take us until some point next week to catch up on all of the orders that came in while we were iced in.

Like many places, in recent years Portland has been hit by winter extremes which were previously rare. Because this is not something we've historically had to deal with on a regular basis, the city lacks the infrastructure to get roads cleared in a timely fashion. We also tend to see more freezing rain than snow, which means that the city ends up covered in a sheet of ice, making driving dangerous.

The last week has been pretty wild, to say the least! Downed power lines have left hundreds of thousands of Oregonians without power at times, and broken pipes and water mains have flooded streets and businesses, before freezing into even more ice. We feel very lucky that our staff have remained safe and warm, and our headquarters building has suffered nothing worse than a leaky roof through all of this.

We appreciate your patience as we work through your orders and emails. Our staff's safety always comes first, and we are so grateful that our customer base has always been supportive of this philosophy. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please shoot us an email at orders@sock-dreams.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we're able!

Stay warm!

Rosalind 🌙
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