Every year we're delighted by the aquatic whimsy of Mermay! Don't worry, you won't have to give up your voice to a sea witch to dip your toes into some Mermaidcore styles!

At the top of our list are our own Longer Extraordinary Mermaid Dip Dye Thigh High Socks. Made by Sock Dreams in the USA and hand dyed by Tie Dye Eric right here in Portland, these feature an eye-catching combination of color, pattern and texture! Because they're hand dyed, they can be difficult to keep in stock, so grab them when you have the chance! If you missed your favorite colorway, you can always sign up to be notified when they're back in stock from the product page.

Longer Extraordinary Mermaid Dip Dye Thigh Highs in rainbow and sunset

Another tie dye variation of this style is the Tie Dye Pastel Carnival Thigh High! The patterning on this version is reminiscent of the way light dances across the surface of water -- perfect for a mermaid theme!

Tie Dye Pastel Carnival Thigh Highs in assorted pastels (one of many possibilities) and blues and purples

If you'd rather keep things classic, you can also enjoy the scale-like texture of our Longer Extraordinary Diamond Wave Thigh Highs, which feature solid colors. We also carry an organic version, which comes in an emerald colorway which practically screams "mermaid!"

Longer Extraordinary Diamond Wave Thigh Highs is grey and Longer Extraordinary Organic Diamond Wave Thigh Highs in emerald

For an airier look, try one of these net options! Fishnet is already thematic, but these styles are particularly scale-like. Perfect for a summer goth mermaid look.

Left: Scale Net Stockings with Attached Garter Right: Sharp Edge Scale Net Tights

If you're a fan of Mermay but dressing like a mermaid isn't your thing, we've got you covered! We've got a selection of cute mermaid and aquatic themed novelty socks, like these punny and adorable Purrmaid Crews and Knee Highs!

Purrmaid Knee Highs (left) and Crews (right)

For a more general water theme, you might enjoy something elegant like these Beauty in Water Knee Highs featuring maple leaves and koi fish, or something like Did Somebody Just Puff? Crews with their adorable little smiling puffer fish! There's also the wordy The Ocean Just Gets Me Crew, for when you wish to stand looking pensively out to sea.

 From left to right: Beauty in Water Knee Highs, Did Somebody Just Puff? Crews, The Ocean Just Gets Me Crews

Whatever your mer style may be, we wish you a fantastic Mermay!

Rosalind 🌙
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