Extra Long Simply Adjustable Sock Garters

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Simply more to adjust! Adjustable length with three inches more than our original Simply Adjustable Garter means you can wear these over your knees, below your knees, at your thighs, on your arm; anywhere you can stretch them around! This variation of the classic sock garter is made exclusively for Sock Dreams in the USA.

Sizing Info

Adjusts from 10 inches to 17 inches, unstretched. These are super stretchy, 1 inch wide elastic and maximum comfortable stretch is 25-28 inches at longest adjustment. Sold in pairs.

Need help? Check out our Sizing Info page.

Fiber Content & Care Instructions

Elastic with metal, nickel-plated, closure.

Additional Information

Black now has a different adjuster piece.The adjuster has teeth on the inside. Adjust to the length you want and then push the metal down to lock in place. Pictures of the change coming soon.

Country of Manufacture - United States

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Z
Balancing act to use properly

They can be a bit more tedious to use than the double clip grips to hold up your socks. You have a strike a balance between tight enough to be effective and loose enough to be comfortable. I have a tendency to aim towards a looser fit which means they end up sliding down my legs after a while.

Good purchase

These keep my socks in place and look great.

Sara Black
Simple but reliable little buddies

I picked up a pair at the store on my road trip and want to order in all the colors!
Be it wearing long socks on a hike to drunken antics (don't ask 🤦‍♀️) my socks stayed up without having major blood flow restrictions or ligature marks.

As expected

These sock garters hold up my socks perfectly! They can be a little fiddly to adjust, and if they're not tight enough they'll fall down while I'm walking, but if I take the time to get them right, they work wonders!