Extraordinarily Longer Striped Thigh High Socks

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In our never-ending quest to find the longest and comfiest socks for all our sock-loving friends we've taken our super stretchy Extraordinary Striped Thigh High socks and added several more inches, so now they go to the tippy tops of most legs and are comfortably and reliably over the knee on longer and curvier legs! Made in the USA.

Sizing Info

US shoe size: 7-14 women's, 5-12 men's
Stretch, around leg: 27 inches at cuff, 24 inches mid-sock
Length, heel to top: 28-31 inches

Need help? Check out our Sizing Info page.

Fiber Content & Care Instructions

85% regenerated cotton/acrylic/polyester, 10% nylon, 5% spandex

Machine wash in cool to cold water, tumble dry low or hang to dry.

Additional Information

All measurements are approximate and updated as often as possible, as new batches arrive. Length is measured upon receiving, before the sock is worn or stretched on a leg. Please contact us before placing an order if you have questions or would like help with sizing.

Country of Manufacture - United States

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Addicted to Stripes

These were some of the first socks from sock dreams that got me hooked on thigh highs! When it comes to comfort and color coordinating you can't beat stripes. The extra long length is perfect for my dancer's legs! (I've lost count of how many I own...}

5'5" | 27" thighs | 24" calves

Very Comfy!

These socks are extremely comfy and very long as well. I love wearing them under pants in the winter, or just wearing them while lounging around and gaming. The stripes are eye catching and fun.

Bread and Butter

These are the quintessential socks in my opinion! They are so long, so comfortable, and come in so many different colors! If you can only get one pair of socks or are looking for a start to your sure to be growing sock collection, I would start here

Ina Sanabria
Great thigh highs!

I have the pink/cream ones. Love the color and the fit but the toe seams are a bit thick. Not sure I can wear them with tight shoes.

Whitney N
Amazing Stockings!!

I am a plus size girl and I have always had thick calves and thighs! Finding stockings that didn't squeeze the ever living daylights out of me was next to impossible! I'm 5'8" and these went above my knees no problem at all!
I purchased these for a cosplay and I absolutely LOVE them! They didn't strangle my skin and were super comfortable! A bit of rolling down as I walked which was to be expected!
10/10 would recommend them though!!