Giant Squid Crew

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What lurks in the navy-blue depths of your shoes? It is Architeuthis, the giant squid! Growing to lengths of at least 43 feet (that must require a lot of socks) their primary enemy is the sperm whale -- you can even see the tail of one retreating into the toe seams. Did you know that in addition to tentacles, they also have seven rows of "denticles" in their beaks? Well I'm sorry to be the bearer of creepy news, but it's true, and it's just as horrifying as it sounds.

Sizing Info

Should fit US shoe sizes men's 8-13 or women's 9-14.
The cuff stretches to 16 inches.

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Fiber Content & Care Instructions

65% cotton, 24% nylon, 8% polyester, 3% spandex.

Machine wash in cool water, tumble dry on low or hang to dry.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture - South Korea

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High quality and fit well