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The name says it all! Long enough to be thigh high, these long socks look super cute with a nice thick cuff at their tops, and you can scrunch them for a ruched look, too! These sweater socks look great with everything and their scrunchable dreaminess makes them a delight as the weather cools down. Made in the USA.

Sizing Info

US shoe size: 7-13 women's, 5-11 men's
Stretch, around leg: 24 inches at cuff, 20 inches mid-sock
Length, heel to top: 40 inches, unstretched

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Fiber Content & Care Instructions

65% recycled cotton, 15% acrylic, 20% spandex

Machine or hand wash in cold to cool water, tumble dry low or hang dry.

Additional Information

These are very comfy and cozy socks once they're on, but since they're so long, they can be difficult to pull up to their full height in one go. We find it's best to think of it like putting on very thick stockings: start with as much rumpled up into your hands as you can hold and work them up your legs, stretching and straightening as you go.


All measurements are approximate and updated as often as possible, as new batches arrive. Length is measured upon receiving, before the sock is worn or stretched on a leg. Please contact us before placing an order if you have questions or would like help with sizing.

Country of Manufacture - United States

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Customer Reviews

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Sock☆Werm ・*:. .:*・。. .゜゚・*☆( ˘▽˘)
great thick long socks - i got 3 pairs already!

I originally purchased the sweet cream a year ago, and let me just say that I was amazed by the length and just how thick the knit was! it fits perfectly around my legs, and cuffing them DOES make it look SOOO much cuter!

The fabric isn't super soft, its a more rougher or a course kind of feel, but it honestly doesn't bother me by much, I personally prefer it because it doesn't roll down my thighs as much as other longer socks and I just like a more rougher feeling over all :P

also for anyone interested in purchasing, I found that folding them using the cross method to be very fun and effective for storage! Of course in the end, use whatever method of storage is best for you :)

Absolute Favorite

These are my favorite socks! I have them in almost every color, perfect for spring, fall and winter weather. They stay up pretty good without glue or anything. I generally fold down the top for comfort/style and it's great. They do slide a bit, but they come up pretty high above the knee so they don't go too much. They stretch nicely around the thigh without cutting into my leg! Finally found the perfect pair of OTK socks that actually hit my thigh!!!