Plus Size Layered Tulle Petticoat

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The softest of our petticoat styles! They're really fluffy and bouncy, with two layers with ruffled edges that are soft and gentle against your skin. They are extra foofy when layered, you can mix or match colors for maximum poof, or to feel like the fluffiest cloud.

Sizing Info

We've found this size stretches to about 50 inches. It also has a "resting circumference" of 26 inches at the waist with no elastic stretched, making it a great match for folks with full hips and smaller waists, too!
Fifteen inches long from waist to edge.

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Fiber Content & Care Instructions

100% polyester

Hand wash cold, tumble dry low.

Additional Information

The satin yoke is about 3 inches wide, and though this petticoat has a lot of layers, it's sheer enough at the top half to show whatever you're wearing underneath, as can be seen best in THE extra image for the Black.

Country of Manufacture - China

Customer Reviews

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I used the petticoat to fluff up my bubble skirt for a cosplay and it was the best!!! I have used this brand and petticoat since I was in highschool and I swear by it!