Plus Size Sheer Stockings with Lace Stay-Up Top

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An abundant five inches of lace tops these sexy, sheer plus size thigh highs! The grippy silicone strips that line that lace keep your stockings up and your look flawless and fabulous.

Sizing Info

We found they had about 25 inches maximum stretch in the cuff. At 30 inches long they were true thigh highs for a 28 inch inseam and even for a 32 inch inseam on 25 inch thighs.

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Fiber Content & Care Instructions

89% nylon, 11% spandex
These are very sheer and delicate. Be at your most gentle when putting them on and washing to get the most life out of these stockings.

Hand wash cold, drip dry.

Additional Information

A slightly more opaque reinforced toe and band just below the lace help add a longer life to these dreamily sheer stockings. A tube-style foot means they'll fit most feet!

We found the silicone grippy strips on the inside of the lace do a great job of keeping the stockings up, though the top bit of lace may want to roll a bit, it won't take the rest of the cuff with it.

Country of Manufacture - Taiwan

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