Sheer & Opaque Vertical Stripe Tights

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Sheer black and opaque striped tights make for show-stopping sexiness. These have a solid toe and panty for added strength, because stunning should still be sturdy.

Sizing Info

Although the label says these fit 90-160 lbs., we've found that these have an impressive stretch! The legs of the tights could fit up to 25 inches at the thigh. The waistband and panty area maxes out on hips and waists that are 44 inches, but comfortably go up to the waist.

Remember that the more around they stretch the less length you get, but these are stretchy enough that average inseams should have no trouble. Drop us a line with your measurements if you want to be more sure how these will fit for you.

Need help? Check out our Sizing Info page.

Fiber Content & Care Instructions

100% nylon

Hand wash cold, drip dry.

Additional Information

Solid toes and panty area.

The sheer black stripes are a bit delicate, so be gentle putting these on to avoid those tiny snags that can mar the texture.

Country of Manufacture - Taiwan