Super-Long Ribbed Leg Warmers

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These might be one of our (and our customers!) favorite leg warmers. With wide ribs, super soft yarn, serious stretch and a softly rippled edge, these 40 inch long leg warmers happily go thigh high and make for seriously good scrunches. Whether you're pairing them with a luxe look and tall boots or your most comfy pajamas, we think you might just fall in love

Sizing Info

Forty inches long! These will comfortably fit thighs up to at least 25 inches around, though the Charcoal do best at 24 inches. If you don't mind wearing them upside down, the ankle cuff will actually stretch to over 30 inches around.

Need help? Check out our Sizing Info page.

Fiber Content & Care Instructions

70% acrylic, 30% nylon

The acrylic fiber in these is as soft as can be and in direct light have a bit of a shimmer.

Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.

Additional Information

Country of Manufacture - Taiwan

Customer Reviews

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40 inches long

Very soft, very dense, very long. They cover my entire leg in warm softness — no thigh high that I’ve ever tried goes this high. They do not stay up my legs without garters.

Jacqueline P.
My favorite product

These are great, I just with there were more colors!

Arguably my favorite leg warmer ever.

Super long, incredibly stretchy and somewhat water resistant?! Yes please, sign me up for every single color. :)

Eric &.K.D.
Winter layers for legs!

Fit 6'+ husband from toes to hips, or scrunched to crew length from ankles when legs get warm. Ruffled end fits thighs over 30 inches, or covers tops of shoes for cuteness or snow protection. Fuzziness keeps them up over sox, leggings or hairy legs without aid, some scrunching over bare legs while walking, but never fell down past knees. Keep a pair next to couch & next to desk for unexpectedly cold days. In warm-white indoor light, purple is dark indigo, denim hard to tell from charcoal, and burgundy looks brown. Red has less fuzziness than other colors.